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Do expertsí views of specification demands correspond with established educational taxonomies?
Keywords : Assessment and Evaluation
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The aim of this study was to develop a framework for comparing the specification demands of cognate units from different types of qualifications. Experts from three subjects provided views about the demands of cognate units from various types of qualifications. Educational taxonomies in the Affective/Cognitive/Interpersonal/Metacognitive/Psychomotor domains were used in coding expertsí views of specification demands. The coding indicated whether their views corresponded to part of the taxonomies. A reasonable proportion of the data corresponded with at least one taxonomy. The taxonomies were relevant to the subjects and qualification types used in the research. Therefore, the taxonomies could be used as a framework for comparing the demands of cognate units from different types of qualifications. The taxonomies are based on more substantial research than the awarding body rating scales in comparability studies; therefore they could provide a more robust framework for specification demands comparisons in comparability studies.